Sectional Sofas

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Looking for a sectional sofa? We have hundreds of configurations and options to fit your style and your space. Bring us your room dimensions and we'll work with you to find one that fits perfectly! All of our sectional sofas offer multiple configurations and pieces. Choose the pieces you're looking for, then add your favorite fabric — and your new sectional sofa is custom made for your home!

We have a large variety of customizable sectionals for you to choose from. The following gallery represents only a small sampling of what we have to offer. We invite you to contact Dwellings, or visit our showroom, for a complete selection of our sectional sofas.

Alton Sectional Sofas Custom Furniture

Alton Sectional

Demi Grace Sectional Sofas

Demi Grace Sectional

Elso Sectional Sofa Dwellings Furniture

Elso Sectional

Harrington Custom Sectional Sofas

Harrington Sectional

Jean Sectional Sofa Custom Furniture

Jean Sectional

Kent Sectional Sofas Furniture

Kent Sectional

Marlie Grace Sectional Sofas

Marlie Grace Sectional

Mason Sectional Sofa Custom Furniture

Mason Sectional

Melrose Sectional Sofas

Melrose Sectional

Paige Sectional Sofas Dwellings Furniture

Paige Sectional

Paige Slip Sectional Sofa

Paige Slip Sectional

Palomar Sectional Sofas

Palomar Sectional

Preston Sectional Sofas Furniture

Preston Sectional

Waldorf Sectional Sofa Custom Furniture

Waldorf Sectional

Westwood Sectional Sofas

Westwood Sectional